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Bachelor of Marketing

An undergraduate degree program in marketing will prepare you to manage the aspects of marketing a business and/or a product line. You will explore consumer behaviors, selling tactics, brand images, communication vehicles, and how to tell the world about what your organization has to offer. In essence, you are an important asset to an organization with a marketing degree. After all, a business cannot produce a profit if consumers are not aware of the products and services it offers.

Common Marketing Classes

Here are a few of the common marketing classes you might take in your major. Remember, you also will take general business classes that are useful for marketing majors too.

Retail Marketing
Learning how to market retail products.

Print and Electronic Marketing
Understanding the various options for marketing products/services.

International Marketing
Learning how to market to different regions of the world.

Consumer Behavior
Exploring why customers buy and how they become attracted to products/services.

Market and Customer Analysis
Determining who your customers/target markets are and how to track your marketing efforts.