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Bachelor of Management & Human Resources

An undergraduate degree program in management will give you a broad view of the techniques and theories that have been effective in the management of people, product lines, and even entire departments. You will explore management theories, behaviors and attitudes of employees, techniques for hiring, selecting, and retaining top employees, as well as organizing hierarchies and tasks.

Common Management and Human Resources Classes

Here are a few of the common management classes you might take in your major. Remember, you also will take general business classes that are useful for management majors too.

Human Resource Management
Understanding employment laws, recruiting, hiring, selecting, and compensation.

Compensation and Benefits
Exploring how companies compensate employees and the laws that surround payroll activities.

Presenting yourself as a leader, motivating employees, and leadership styles.

International Management
Managing parts of an organization that are located in different countries.

Operations Management
Exploring logistics and the management of processes and work-flow procedures.