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Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

Degree programs in entrepreneurship are becoming increasingly popular among undergraduate students. These programs will teach you how to start with an idea and create a sustainable business from it. You will learn how to incorporate a business, trademark your ideas, build your image, manage your finances, account for your revenues and expenses, and even strategically compete in a crowded marketplace of new startup organizations.

Common Entrepreneurship Classes

Here are a few of the common entrepreneurship classes you might take in your major. Remember, you also will take general business classes that are useful for entrepreneurship majors too.

Venture Capital and Growth Strategies
Finding investors and gaining money for startups.

Business Plan Development
Writing a business plan around your idea.

Launching New Technologies
Creating and launching new technologies in different markets.

Marketing a Business Idea
Finding your customers and selling your products.

Accounting and Financials
Accounting practices and learning how to make financial plans.

Global Market Opportunities
Looking into opportunities across borders.