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Bachelor of Business Administration

Common Business Administration Degree Classes

If you are unsure which area of business you want to learn the most about, an undergraduate degree program in general business administration may be right for you. This program will provide you with a wide-variety of classes that will help you to understand how a business operates. You will explore topics in accounting, finance, management, ethics, marketing, statistics, economics, and will likely have a chance to tailor your degree toward a particular area during your second year by choosing specific electives.

Understanding the principles of accounting, such as revenue, liability, equity, balance sheets, income statements, and how to balance the various accounting statements. Students also explore general accepted accounting practices and industry regulations.

Analyzing economics from a micro and macro level, including calculating supply and demand, equilibrium, and other market indicators.

Exploring financial markets and models, as well as how to calculate the present and future value of monies, annuities, cash flow projections, and other common finance formulas. Students also explore how stocks and bonds function.

International Business
Examining how business becomes international, such as expanding a company to more than one country, working with regional offices and headquarters, and some of the challenges global organizations face.

Learning about the principles of management and leadership, company management structures, as well as how to manage and motivate employees.

Understanding the principles of marketing and how to reach consumers. Students often construct marketing plans and learn about the life cycles of products and services.