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Careers and Salaries for Real-Estate and Property Managers

Many business schools offer specific degree programs in real-estate and property management. Business professionals in the real-estate industry may sell homes, manage real-estate salespersons, manage apartment or rental properties, and more. In addition to the sales side of the industry, there also are careers for financial professionals. For instance, loan officers at banks that issue mortage loans, underwriters, and others.

Real-estate is an industry that has seen very positive and very negative outlooks. Therefore, the industry is competitive, profit driven, and fast moving. Besides a bachelor's degree in real-estate or a related business field, often times business professionals need additional certifications and licenses to work in the industry.

Average Salaries

Salaries are usually based on performance (or on commission) in the real-estate industry. Real-estate agents are paid based on the homes they sell, loan officers are commissioned based on the mortages they successfully close, etc.

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