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Careers & Salaries for Nonprofit Managers

There are many types of nonprofit organizations. The primary difference between a nonprofit and profit organization is how revenues are used. In a nonprofit company, revenue is reinvested in the organization. For example, AACSB International, the global accrediting body for business schools, is nonprofit. The organization invests revenue in its services it provides to advance management education worldwide.

A growing number of business graduates are pursuing careers in nonprofit management. Here are a few of the types of organizations nonprofit managers work in:

  • Sustainable and Environmental Organizations (such as organizations that help to protect the environment)
  • Governmental Organizations (such as local and federal-level government entities)
  • Charity Organizations (such as organizations that raise funds for cancer research)
  • Educational Organizations (such as colleges and universities that are not profit based)

Average Salaries

Average salaries for nonprofit managers can vary widely depending on the type of nonprofit. For example, large and prominent nonprofit organizations will pay much higher than smaller firms that are less established. Typically, nonprofit organizations pay close to (typically a bit less) then industry average for the position you are applying to.

Additional Resources
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