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Departmental & Executive Managers: Salaries & Careers

There are many types of managers in business. For instance, there are project, team, departmental, and executive-level managers. There are marketing managers who lead projects and people, human resources managers who hire and coordinate employee benefits, product managers who oversee product lines, and more.

Because of the diversity of the jobs that business managers hold, professionals in management are required to not only be knowledgeable in all aspects of business, but also have the ability to lead and motivate people. Business managers typically need both an undergraduate and master's degree in business—such as degrees in business administration or management. For managers that oversee specific areas of business, a more specialized degree is required—such as a bachelor's degree in marketing or advertising management or a master's degree in the specific field.

Average Departmental & Executive Manager Salaries

Type of Manager Average Salary (USD) Source
General and Operations Managers 117,200 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Marketing Managers
137,400 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Computer and Information Systems Managers
136,280 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Medical and Health Services Managers
103,680 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics