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University of Liege, HEC Liège - Management School

MISSION- HEC Liège fosters real-life education and research in economics and management for the benefit of our local community and the wider society.

VISION- HEC Liège is a central hub from where we share and transfer our competencies, our internationally recognized research and expertise to agile learners, our local community and our international partners.

In the context of a global fast-evolving world, where entrepreneurial norms change and innovation is essential, in a world that demands responsible and transparent organizations with the higher standards of ethics, HEC Liège’s mission can be declined into 3 ambitions: 

  • Education
    Training agile leaders by preparing our students to take a proactive role in their education, now and throughout their life, in order to build their skills profile.
  • Research
    Strengthening HEC Liège’s position as an internationally recognized center of research and expertise in economics and management.
  • Citizenship and service 
    Making HEC Liège an essential partner, open to the world for the mutual development of all stakeholders.

Our 3 missions are crossed by two transversal objectives: internationalization on the one hand and societal transformation on the other. Societal transformation is understood as having 3 aspects: digital, entrepreneurial and responsible, ethical and sustainable transformation.

The School is committed to the following values and will make sure they are embodied in all its actions and achievements: Critical thinking, Highest standards in design and execution, Social responsibility, Respect for diversity, Ethics, Personal development and Multiculturality. 


Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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