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Tennessee Technological University, College of Business

The College of Business at Tennessee Tech University provides an educational foundation that prepares students to become successful, ethical, business leaders and serve our constituencies through outreach activities. The spirit of discovery and pursuit of knowledge underlie our educational focus and guide our service activities. The College of Business offers a wide variety of majors, minors, and concentrations at the undergraduate level and two graduate programs, which are delivered primarily online. An MBA program with industry-immersed certificates and a Master of Accountancy program that prepares students to become a CPA. Our faculty have a primary focus on teaching and applications-oriented research emphasis that contributes to the richness of student learning. The business programs provide a well-rounded education and emphasize skill development in communication, analytics, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. Tennessee Tech's business curriculum prepares students for job placement, growth into managerial positions, and graduate study. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in internships and participate in co-curricular opportunities including entrepreneurship programs, professional organizations, and business projects that foster growth in both knowledge and experience. In addition to providing an outstanding educational foundation, the college has a number of initiatives that facilitate student-faculty-professional collaboration and provide innovative solutions for business and economic development.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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