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Stonehill College, Leo J. Meehan School of Business

A degree from the Business Administration Department of Stonehill College’s Leo J. Meehan School of Business gives students the portfolio of knowledge, skills and experiences that allow them to launch careers at the biggest and most successful companies in America. A Catholic college founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, Stonehill is anchored by a foundation of excellence and integrity that allows its graduates to make ethical, thoughtful and significant contributions to their organizations and communities. Faculty members bring both solid academic credentials and business experience into the classroom, and provide individual attention to students through academic advising and career mentoring. Business majors at Stonehill are also immersed in the traditional pursuits of a liberal arts education, which fosters the kind of well-rounded and adaptable thinkers that today's leading organizations demand. The Department is renowned for connecting students with real-world experiences that not only add important perspective to their coursework but also introduce them to the people who can play an important role in determining their success after graduation. In addition, Stonehill has partnerships with its sister school, the University of Notre Dame, that give Stonehill students preferred admission to master's degree programs in accounting, management and entrepreneurship. The Stonehill College Department of Business Administration seeks to be among the leaders in undergraduate business education serving the northeast region, developing professionals who can contribute and lead in a rapidly changing business environment.


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