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Stockton University, School of Business

In the School of Business at Stockton University, we recognize that our community's success rests on how the School of Business values, engages, and includes the diversity of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We aim to achieve equity in access, student success, and high-quality learning for each of our students. To do so, we know we cannot go it alone, which is why we seek collaboration, partnership, and investment from our community in Atlantic City, South Jersey, and beyond.

Programs include:  Business Studies- The B.A. provides a solid background in business while allowing students the flexibility to follow their own interests. The B.S. program allows students to specialize in the fields of accounting, business analytics, finance, financial planning, management, or marketing.Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management- Launches students’ careers, through active learning, internship experience, and professional networks and to develop as competitive leaders. Examples of areas of study include: Event Planning, Tourism, Resort Management, Restaurant and Beverage Management, Destination Management, among others.

Master of Business Administration-Prepares students for professional careers in business. Principle goals of the program are to help students develop critical thinking skills and to provide them with an expanded awareness of the complex political, social and economic environments within which all organizations and individuals must function. The program is oriented both to persons with business backgrounds and to those seeking career changes.

Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Administration and Leadership-provides graduates with the competencies necessary to excel in a variety of health care-focused businesses, such as hospitals, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, medical device companies, digital health, and in entrepreneurship.



  • Accounting
  • Business Education
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • General Business
  • Health Services/ Hospital Admin
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism
  • Management
  • Marketing


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

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* Tuition and fees are displayed in US dollars for ease of comparison, and are accurate as of July 1, 2016. A currency converter is available here, if you wish to see the rates in a different currency.

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