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Saginaw Valley State University, College of Business and Management

The Scott L. Carmona College of Business provides students a distinctive business education by integrating academic and experiential learning while challenging students to improve their capacity as professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs in a dynamic and global environment. We are committed to delivering relevant, interactive, and experiential business education with high academic standards; mentoring and providing students with personal attention; continuously improving faculty intellectual capital through the production of applied and pedagogical research; promoting and developing an understanding of the effective management of ethical issues, social responsibility, and diversity; and serving as a regional resource for economic development. We offer strong, competitive leadership programs for students at all stages of their undergraduate experience as well as opportunities to balance their educational, professional, and personal life commitments by providing flexible course schedules (day and evening) and various delivery formats (face-to-face, hybrid, and online). 

We enhances the intellectual capital of our stakeholders by:  (1) helping students to develop the professional judgement and specialized competencies that will help them work productively with complexity and respond creatively and resiliently to uncertainty, ambiguity, and change, (2) providing the resources to faculty and staff to excel professionally, (3) collaboratively working with the business community, we identify and fill leadership, competency and knowledge gap, (4) bringing together the people necessary to generate novel solutions to the challenges facing by our stakeholders.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

AACSB-accredited schools are at the forefront of business education, preparing leaders like you to make a difference. By earning AACSB accreditation, this institution has made a commitment to continually improving the quality of education, ensuring that your coursework will be rigorous, dynamic, and relevant. No matter what path of business education you take, AACSB graduates are changing the business landscape—from startups to large corporations, across industries and around the world.