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Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey-Camden, Rutgers School of Business

Highly regarded for the scholarly accomplishments of its faculty and students, and treasured for its community leadership, the Rutgers School of Business-Camden plays a unique role as the most prominent institution of higher education in southern New Jersey.   

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden is at the forefront of top business schools preparing the next generation of business professionals with the essential knowledge for a positive social impact. We know that the value of responsible business education is central to the success of our society. Across industries, sectors, and functions, as organizations leverage the opportunities and embrace the challenges presented by global connectedness, technological advancements, and social responsibility, the ethical practice of business is more crucial than ever before.

Rutgers University–Camden prepares business professionals to become catalysts of change. Creativity, flexibility, and collaboration are among the critical skills that we incorporate into our curriculum – skills that are needed now more than ever. The ongoing pandemic has caused us all to pivot in unanticipated ways, bringing forth the positive character of individuals and institutions – from businesses that accelerated innovation and adapted their operations to meet the needs of our nation to individuals who have put their own lives at the forefront to improve those of others. Their stories highlight the collective positive impact each of us can have, and one to which, as a business professional, I hope you will commit.

The Rutgers School of Business–Camden, an AACSB International-accredited institution, gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself through interactions with faculty who are world-class educators and researchers and with a creative team of staff members who are dedicated to our students’ success. We are committed to providing you with transformative community engagement and leadership opportunities. Our alumni and partners are dedicated to your success and work closely to mentor our students through leadership programs. And finally, our collaborations with high-quality universities in countries, such as Brazil, China, and South Africa, provide multiple opportunities for international exposure. With this strong foundation, you will be poised to make a positive difference. I hope you will leverage these opportunities to become a part and the best of Rutgers. Our success. Our pride.


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