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Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Administracion

The Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) today is a leading research university in Chile and Latin America.

The School of Business Administration (SBA or the School) is one of the two academic units of the PUC Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FACEA for short). The other academic unit is the Institute of Economics (IE). Both units are responsible for the undergraduate program of Commercial Engineering. In addition, each unit has developed its own graduate and executive education programs. Professors from both academic units participate in the Commercial Enginering program and collaborate in joint research efforts.

Since their foundation FACEA and SBA have been key players in Chile’s economic development. Our graduates have occupied and hold prominent positions in public and private organizations. SBA professors’ and graduate’ prestige attract students with the best PSU scores (University Selection Test) to its undergraduate program.

SBA offers the following academic programs: Master of Business Administration (MBA-UC), Master’s in Finance, Master’s of Innovation, offered jointly with the School of Engineering (MI), Master’s of Health Administration, offered jointly with the School of Medicine (MAS), Master of People Management and Organizational Behavior, offered jointly with the School of Psychology (MGP), Executive Education certificates and short courses are offered by the Area of Executive Development, Corporate Governance certificates and courses of the Corporate Governance Center are offered jointly with the School of Law.

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