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Oklahoma State University, Spears School of Business

The Spears School of Business is composed of eight academic departments with over 130 tenured and tenure-track faculty. The student body includes over 4,500 undergraduate students pursuing 10 majors and over 730 graduate students pursuing 6 master’s degrees and 6 PhD concentrations. Spears Business offers undergraduate majors in accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general business, hospitality and tourism management, international business, management, marketing, and management information systems. The Eastin Center facilitates the development of career readiness of its students through a number of initiatives. The career services group prepares students to secure a job offer. They assist in developing a winning resume, host mock interviews, and execute a number of networking events, including mocktails, etiquette dinners, and career fairs. A dynamic curriculum emphasizes career development, leadership, and a personal touch. The overarching strategy of the Eastin Center is to empower students to learn and practice the skills they need to be job ready on day one. The school's MBA is recognized as one of the top values in the United States. Spears Business also offers specialized master's programs in accounting, business analytics and data science, hospitality and tourism management, management information systems, and quantitative financial economics. In addition to on-campus programs, several undergraduate majors and graduate degree programs are offered online. Spears Business offers a doctoral program in business administration with concentrations in entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality and tourism management, management, marketing, and management information systems. In addition, Spears offers a Ph.D. program with an executive research option for full-time business leaders.


  • Accounting
  • CIS/ MIS
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics/ Managerial Economics
  • Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Admin
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • General Business
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Methods


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Online

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