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The University of North Carolina at Asheville, Department of Management and Accountancy

The study of organizations is a liberal art and as such our students explore phenomena from multiple disciplines to identify, critically examine, and solve complex problems facing organizational decision makers and the citizenry. Our two undergraduate degree programs in management and accounting are designed to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge necessary to be empathetic and productive citizens prepared for graduate studies and careers in the non-profit, business, and government sectors. Students may consider completing a portfolio of courses in optional specialized topical areas of study, including entrepreneurship, finance, global business, human resource management, leadership, marketing, public administration and policy, operations management, and decision science/data analytics. From introductory courses to capstone courses, the ratio of faculty to students offers an opportunity for students to explore ideas and ask questions that expand and illuminate the lessons. Outside the classroom, faculty interact with students through one to one advising on academic progress, projects, and aspirations. Education is both interactive and ongoing. Students build their capacity to perform as individuals, but they also learn the value of teamwork and the attitudes and actions that support complex, cooperative outcomes. Students have opportunity to expand their understanding, develop leadership, and serve their fellow students. Those who are interested in research work one to one with faculty on undergraduate research projects. Internships can provide a test of practical applications of concepts learned in the classroom. Service learning is also integrated into much of the curriculum.


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