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University of New Orleans, College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration at the University of New Orleans includes undergraduate programs in the Department of Accounting (holding its own AACSB accreditation in addition to the College of Business Administration AACSB accreditation), Department of Economics & Finance, Department of Management & Marketing, and the Lester E. Kabacoff School of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration. Graduate programs include the MBA, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Healthcare Management, Masters of Science in Accounting and Taxation, Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and the Ph.D. degree program in Financial Economics.  Executive Education Programs include an Executive Master of Business Administration Program, the Executive Master of Healthcare Management Program, and the online Master of Science in Hospitality Tourism Management.

In addition to those academic areas, the College also has the Institute for Economic Development and Real Estate Research, the Division of Business & Economic Research, and the Hospitality Research Center. The Hospitality Research Center is distinguished as a Louisiana Board of Regents Center.  Services, grants, and contracts provided by the Hospitality Research Center and the Division of Business & Economic Research include conversion studies, economic impact studies, hotel industry studies, restaurant industry studies, tourism industry salary surveys, visitor profiles, tourism indicator projects, convention studies, etc. The Division of Business & Economic Research provides annually the renowned Metropolitan Report, an encompassing report that all businesses in the region use to craft their annual plans.   The Institute for Economic Development and Real Estate Research provides real estate reports that allow industry to plan for future years in the real estate market, along with seminars for New Orleans and the North Shore.






  • Accounting
  • CIS/ MIS
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • General Business
  • Health Services/ Hospital Admin
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Taxation

Other Disciplines:

  • Financial Economics


  • Private

  • Public


  • Part-time

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