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National Cheng Kung University

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) was founded in 1931 as Tainan Technical College and was successfully elevated to university level in 1956. Currently, NCKU is composed of 9 colleges, of which the College of Management was officially founded in 1956. Under the supervision of the College of Management, there are 5 departments and 12 institutes. Since its establishment, the College has cultivated more than 20,000 high-quality and socially responsible professionals and outstanding business leaders. Our alumni consistently devote themselves to society and serve in many leadership positions of various industries, such as ministers and city mayors in governmental institutions, and directors general and general managers in private sectors. Our alumni invest greatly in Academia as well. Many doctoral graduates serve in national/international higher education institutions, such as Deakin University in Australia and Monash University in Australia, etc. According to the survey done by Global Views and Cheers, which are two popular magazines in Taiwan, our graduates have achieved outstanding performance in workplace and have been considered as the most favorite employees for many years. In 2019, the College has 109 full-time faculty members and approximately 2,800 students enrolled. The College has also partnered and collaborated with more than 25 international universities, launching exchange programs and dual-degree programs to enhance students' global mobility and to broaden their global vision. We will continue to provide exceptional learning environment and experiences for our students. We will also continue to pursue our vision of becoming a leading business school in the Asia Pacific region.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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