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Montana State University-Billings, College of Business

Business programs at MSU Billings provide a foundation of study in the arts and sciences combined with professional business training preparing graduates for numerous career paths and leadership roles in business. COB faculty members are dedicated to providing the best education possible in the Rocky Mountain region. Classroom discussions, state-of-the-art computer training, student internships, co-operative learning experiences, and client consultations provide students with hands-on opportunities to apply theory to the real world. In the College of Business, faculty both teach students and mentor them through applied business projects. Dynamic faculty-student interactions create a learning environment that prepares students for success in the world of business. The academic programs of the College develop competencies/skills in the following areas: Oral and written communications Critical thinking Quantitative reasoning Utilization of information technology for business decision-making Intensive study in a chosen area of concentration provides the student with the in-depth experience necessary for an understanding of the global economic and social systems and their relationships to the individual and the organization. Experiential learning activities are interwoven throughout the curriculum. For example: Marketing students design and help produce an actual advertising campaign, typically for public service projects. Finance students invest $50,000 from D.A. Davidson & Co. and get to keep 50% of any profits. Accounting students prepare income tax returns for low income taxpayers and create a customized accounting system using commercial accounting software to meet the needs of a real business. Many business Internship opportunities are available since Billings is the business center of Montana. In the capstone Business Strategy course, students develop a detailed business plan for an actual business.

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