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Minnesota State University, Mankato, College of Business

The College of Business at Minnesota State University, Mankato, is committed to exceeding the expectations of those who want to engage in learner-centered education, applied research and high-impact mutually beneficial partnerships. Our primary focus is on diversified undergraduate education with expanding opportunities in graduate education and continuing professional education. We engage in collaborative research to advance knowledge of business practice, to further impact student learning and advance business theory. We create relational partnerships as a way to benefit students, business and community Students can select one of five majors including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and international business. Minnesota State Mankato's MBA program equips students with the tools they will need to succeed in a global business economy--managerial skills, real-world experience, business ethics, and leadership. The Master of Accounting program provides students with the classes necessary to become a Certified Public Accountant, prepares them for success in a dynamic job market, and produces graduates with skills and abilities enabling them to advance faster. The College provides opportunities through student clubs, scholarship opportunities, study abroad programs, and career placement resources to enhance students' learning. College of Business interns apply what they've learned in real-world situations and build experience that improves their resumes. They strengthen their professional networks, learn the unwritten rules of their chosen fields, and confirm their career path choice among the many available to them. These students also increase their competitiveness in the entry-level job helping to ensure their educational investment results in an enriching career path.


  • Accounting
  • Data Analytics
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • General Business
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Online

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