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Lingnan University

The Lingnan University Faculty of Business provides high-quality business education distinguished by the best liberal arts tradition. Our whole-person education approach, small classes, close student-teacher relation, and on-campus residence for all students make Lingnan unique among universities in Hong Kong and a great place to learn, experience, and discover. Taking a full range of interdisciplinary courses during four-year study in arts, humanity, social science, science, and technology, students in our BBA (Hons) program study the foundation business subjects and choose to specialize in accountancy, e-Business, finance, human resource management, or marketing. The BBA (Hons) Risk and Insurance Management program allow students to specialize in risk and insurance discipline.   Committed to the whole-person education, we put a strong emphasis on nurturing students' practical ability and global vision by providing rich opportunities in service-learning, internship, and international exchange. At the postgraduate level, the Faculty offers Business MPhil and PhD programs. We also offer specialist master's programs in accountancy, human resource management and organizational behavior, finance, e-business and supply chain management, and marketing and international business. These carefully designed one-year specialist master's or postgraduate diploma programs bring students maximum professional values and intellectual quality to ready them for the challenge of the marketplace in Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland, and beyond.


  • Accounting
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • General Business
  • Insurance
  • Management
  • Marketing


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  • Full-time

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* Tuition and fees are displayed in US dollars for ease of comparison, and are accurate as of July 1, 2016. A currency converter is available here, if you wish to see the rates in a different currency.

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