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Inha University, College of Business Administration

The mission of our school is to prepare students to become successful business professionals in the global economy. The faculty members at the college are committed to providing a high-quality education so that our students can become creative and socially responsible leaders with a global business mind.  

Our college offers a wide range of degrees and non-degree programs through a blend of theoretical and practical curricula to educate a diverse group of students. The programs cover the following eight disciplinary areas: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resources Management/Organizational Behavior, Management of Information Systems, Management Sciences, Logistics, and International Trade. Through the programs, our graduates are equipped with the latest knowledge in business, strong analytical capabilities, and the abilities for innovation and entrepreneurship.

We have a distinguished record of educational services to international students coming from around 25 countries, providing a good opportunity to form an international network and experience Korean culture and language. Through interaction with international students, the students are able to prepare themselves for the global environment as well.

We invite you to explore the myriad of opportunities for studying available in the College of Business Administration, Inha University, and experience the programs and people that make Inha University a great place to learn.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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