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Gulf University for Science and Technology

The Gulf University for Science and Technology College of Business Administration is committed to achieving excellence in teaching, impactful research, and collaborative relationships with local and regional communities, all in an active learning environment that promotes leadership, ethics, practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Our internationally educated and distinguished faculty members create an active learning environment where students learn to apply the latest thinking in business and management practices and theory. We seek to make our students life-long learners. We develop active, values-based leaders capable of developing and managing entrepreneur, productive organizations of the future. Consistent with the university's commitment to diversity and multicultural awareness, the faculty of the College of Business Administration is a group of internationally distinguished academic practitioners drawn from many parts of the world. The College of Business Administration's faculty is dedicated to preparing a new generation of Kuwaiti business leaders and entrepreneurs who are competitive and ethical in both local and global markets. The educational experience provided by the College of Business Administration is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary foundation and broad-knowledge base in core business competencies. The college's curricula emphasize proficiency in the use of the latest technological innovations and systems as a key component of each degree program. Furthermore, the College of Business Administration's business programs incorporate hands-on experience and development of analytical, decision-making and negotiating skills, which are essential qualities of professionals in today's global business environment.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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