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Drury University, Breech School of Business Administration and Economics

At the Breech School of Business, a team of talented and dedicated faculty provide students meaningful learning experiences and emphasize the deliberate connection to the theories and practice of business. The Breech School has a 50+ year history of preparing business students to be active participants in their careers and communities. Our alumni can be found from coast to coast and around the world making a difference every day. Our programs are dedicated to the development of leaders and decision makers who are prepared to play prominent roles in a global economy. The Breech School of Business offers specialized undergraduate majors in accounting, cybersecurity, economics, finance, management, and marketing as well as a minor in business administration and entrepreneurship. Additionally, there is the opportunity to pursue a general business administration degree online. Integrating the professional preparation received at the Breech School with the liberal arts preparation of a Drury degree means our students are "job-ready" for the challenges of the careers ahead. At the graduate level, the new Drury MBA Ventures program launched fall 2020. This new program was developed to equip emerging leaders for assuming responsibility for launching and leading new ventures, including product launches, major strategic initiatives, and new business lines. The Breech MBA is offered in both synchronous and seated formats.

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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