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Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today, with 22,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of the 8 Danish universities. Copenhagen Business School has government status as a public Danish University, and is an autonomous Business School. Founded as a private institution, CBS was transferred to its current status in 1965. CBS is one of the 8 public universities in Denmark. Five of these are comprehensive universities, while three are specialized, mono faculty institutions; one in Computer Science and Informatics, one in Engineering and Science, and one in Business (CBS). CBS is a mono-campus institution located in 11 buildings within walking distance in the Frederiksberg municipality, close to central Copenhagen. In order to properly comprehend CBS Governance structure and QA system some background information will most likely be beneficial. Thus we have in appendix 8 on Governance explained three central issues, namely 1) Governance of Danish universities, and in particular CBS, as regulated in the Act on Universities, 2) CBS Matrix approach to organizing the interaction between research and teaching, and 3) The program regulatory framework of higher education in Denmark.


  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism
  • Public Administration
  • International Business
  • Business Communication
  • Strategic Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Economics/ Managerial Economics
  • General Business
  • Behavioral Science/ Organizational Behavior
  • Business Law/ Legal Environment
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • Supply Chain/ Transport/ Logistics
  • Entrepreneurship/ Small Business Admin
  • Health Services/ Hospital Admin
  • Business Ethics - incl Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

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Full-Time MBA (2 years):


Out of State/Region Tuition & Fees *

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Full-Time MBA (2 years):


Out of Country Tuition & Fees *

Undergraduate (per year):


Full-Time MBA (2 years):


Student Enrollments

Full-Time Undergraduate:


Part-Time Undergraduate:


Full-Time Masters:


Part-Time Masters:


Full-Time Doctorate:


Part-Time Doctorate:


* Tuition and fees are displayed in US dollars for ease of comparison, and are accurate as of July 1, 2016. A currency converter is available here, if you wish to see the rates in a different currency.

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