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Christopher Newport University, Joseph W. Luter, III School of Business

The Luter School of Business offers a comprehensive curriculum in business administration with majors in accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Students may choose to pursue a bachelor of business administration (BSBA) degree or minor in business. Business majors have opportunities for mentorships, internships, and (financial award) scholarships. Small classes, expert faculty instruction, and an emphasis on hands-on experiential learning are hallmarks of CNU's business program. Students are challenged to apply theories and principles to a variety of business fields and to think critically about emerging trends in the business world. With a strong foundation in CNU's Liberal Learning Core Curriculum, Luter School students are encouraged to go beyond skills acquisition and learn to apply a multidisciplinary perspective to their respective fields of study. Core commitments to excellence in the classroom, global citizenship, and ethical business practice by the Luter School faculty help prepare students for dynamic professional careers. Through a competitive admissions process (requiring a 3.0 GPA from rising juniors) approximately 180 students are accepted into the business program annually, establishing the BSBA as one of the most academically rigorous and prestigious programs on campus. Luter School of Business students excel in national competitions and national assessments, have an excellent record of career placement, and continue to make meaningful contributions to society and the global economy


  • Accounting
  • Finance - incl Banking
  • Management
  • Marketing


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

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