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University of Central Arkansas, College of Business Administration

The College of Business was established at University of Central Arkansas, then State College of Arkansas, in 1969, 24 years after a business major was first introduced at the school. It was the school's second academic college. Programs for the college are housed in the new College of Business Building, which opened in January 2010. Today, the college has more than 1,600 students majoring in four academic departments and more than 150 graduate students all taught by about 70 faculty. The College of Business seeks to educate students to meet the dynamic requirements of business and make positive contributions to the business community and society. The college is committed to maintaining a relevant and innovative curriculum, enhancing the learning experience, serving stakeholders, and promoting life-long learning, integrity and ethical behavior. Recognizing the value of learning outside the traditional classroom, the college has one of the most active internship programs in the state. Internship opportunities permit students to enhance skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom, solidify career decisions, gain valuable work experience, and develop career-related networks. Students studying within the college are finding work at major companies that recruit at the University of Central Arkansas first in the state.

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