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Bournemouth University, Business School

<p>The world of business is a cut-throat, dog-eat-dog world where profits come before people, and the strongest survive at the expense of the weakest, right? Wrong. At Bournemouth University Business School, we believe that to become a good businessperson, you need to be a good person first. That’s why we foster an atmosphere of collaboration and togetherness, where everyone’s contribution is listened to and knowledge is co-created between staff, students and the organisations we work with. It’s also why responsibility, ethics and sustainability are embedded into all of our courses. In an increasingly connected world if you want to make a difference, you need to make the right connections first.</p> <p>We think these values matter at all levels, whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur just setting out in the world, the CEO of a FTSE 100 company, or just looking to help the family business run more efficiently. It’s not just something we say. It’s something we are. We believe that people make business, and that by treating everyone with respect and empathy, we can learn to make better decisions together. That applies to all the activities we undertake – whether it’s lectures and seminars for students, the world-leading research we carry out, or the way we collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business as we influence professional practice.</p> <p>We make a difference.</p>

Engagement. Innovation. Impact.

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