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Master's Degree Programs in Sports Management

Managing a team is big business. In essence, teams are very similar to organizations. They have budgets, employees, managers, and strategic objectives. Master's degree programs in sports management focus on the business of sports. Programs train students in the foundations of business, such as accounting and management, and also prepare students for the unique demands of today's sports teams. For instance, many programs explore leveraging media, team branding, sports law, facilities and events management, as well as recruiting and retaining talented athletes.

Common Sports Management Courses

Media Relations and Communications
Understanding how to manage and coordinate communications and public relations.

Stadium and Arena Management
Exploring the management of sports' facilities.

Financial and Managerial Accounting
Examining accounting as it relates to teams, facilities, and other related topics.

Legal Issues and Risk Management
Analyzing the laws that surround sports management, such as related to players, facilities, support staff and others.