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Other, Unique Master's Degree Programs in Business

Many business schools now offer a variety of degree programs that are outside of the typical disciplines of business. For instance, Harvard University's Extension School offers a graduate-level program in sustainability and environmental management. Baylor University offers an MBA in healthcare administration. Erasmus University offers a master's degree program in finance and investments.

Often times, a degree program in a specific concentration that is in a high-growth field can make graduates very desirable to employers. For instance, MBAs that have focused their studies on healthcare management are more attractive to hospitals than MBAs without such a focus.

Other types of unique programs include joint collaborations with other disciplines within the same school or other schools. For instance, many business schools have collaborated with engineering schools to offer hybrid MBA/engineering graduate degree programs. Also, business schools often collaborate with medical schools to provide students from science disciplines with business skills. For example, a medical student that aspires to one day have his/her own practice may find an MBA very useful.