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Master's Degree Programs in Management

A master's degree in management explores the theories, models, styles, and techniques used in the oversight of organizations and human capital. In many programs, students also will study employment laws and topics in human resources; such as the recruitment, selection, and retention of employees. Other common areas that are examined may include, organizational culture, change management, employee relations, and/or leadership.

Program Tracks and Variations

As with any degree program, a master's degree in management may vary slightly in concentration depending on the school you choose. Some schools will lean toward leadership, some toward general human resources, and some toward organizational development and behavior.

Common Management Courses

Human Resources Management
Understanding the recruitment, retention, and performance evaluation processes of employees.

Conflict Negotiations
Exploring the art of negotiating, such as contractual and employee relations.

Management Theories
Analyzing the various theories of management.

Organizational Design and Behavior
Examining corporate culture, organizational structures, and group dynamics.