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Master's Degree Programs in International Business

Employers are more frequently searching for business professionals that are experienced and knowledgeable about international business operations. Because of this, programs that focus on global business have become increasingly popular over the past decade.

Business schools offer a variety of options when it comes to an international focus. For instance, some schools have tailored MBA programs, such as global MBA programs, while other schools offer specialized master of science degree programs specifically in international business.

Common International Business Courses

International Business Management
Understanding the management practices surrounding the operation of multinational companies.

Global Human Resource Management
Examining human resource practices from a global perspective. For instance, hiring, retention, performance appraisal systems, and employment laws in a variety of countries and cultures.

International Accounting
Exploring accounting from a global and multi-location perspective.

International Marketing
Understanding how to best position and market products/services for a global or multinational audience.