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Master's Degree Programs in Information Systems Management

With the rise in an organization's dependency on technology, managing and overseeing a company's vital knowledge, data, and automated processes has become a demanded skill. Aside from simply overseeing an organization's technology functions, IT managers are now becoming involved in providing solutions that can solve major business challenges and provide sustainable competitive advantages.

Information technology programs that are held within business schools focus on the oversight of an organization's IT structure. Programs such as these may be useful for individuals who are immersed in IT functions but have little experience managing people and departments. As we all know, going from being a skilled employee to a manager of people can bring a whole new dimension to the workplace environment.

Common Information Systems Management Courses

Fundamentals of Application Programming
Exploring solutions to challenges with interactive business applications.

Database Management
Understanding the design, warehousing, and management of databases.

Data Mining for Business
Examining decision trees, text mining, web analytics, and logistic regression.

Systems Implementation
Analyzing the management processes that surround the implementation of new systems.