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Master's Degree Programs in Human Resources Management

A master's degree in human resources covers a variety of topics including the recruitment, hiring, retention, and performance evaluation of employees within an organization. These programs also explore employment laws, corporate cultures, organizational structures, and employee relations. Some business schools have more specialized degrees in human resources that concentrate on particular areas. For example, a program may focus on change management or organizational behavior.

Common Human Resources Courses

Organizational Behavior
Understanding the dynamics of organizations and employees.

Human Resource Management
Examining the practices surrounding hiring (such as interviewing and designing jobs), retention (such as employee motivation and satisfaction), and assessing employee performance (such as 360 feedback methods and the design of evaluation systems).

Employment Law
Exploring civil laws surrounding the hiring of employees.

Compensation and Benefits Management
Analyzing the methods for compensating employees, such as pay structures, healthcare, retirement planning, stock options, and others.