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Master's Degree Programs in Accounting & Taxation

Graduate-level programs in accounting examine the discipline from both a financial and managerial prospective. The topics that are covered typically include accounting principles and regulations, formulating accounting and financial statements, auditing, as well as the tracking of assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenues.

Currently, graduate programs in accounting are attractive for those wishing to pursue accounting careers since individuals with a master's degree in accounting are among the highest paid in business. Accounting graduates are highly demanded worldwide.

Accounting programs are often linked with taxation programs. For instance, it is important that business professionals in accounting understand tax laws and regulations of the various countries in which they work. Business schools that offer taxation programs prepare students for more in-depth knowledge of corporate tax and governmental requirements.

Common Accounting and Taxation Courses

Here are a few of the common accounting courses you might take in your program.

Accounting Theories and Regulations
Learning regulations, laws, and common practices.

Auditing Techniques
Fraud and standard auditing practices.

Tax laws, governmental regulations, and research.

International Topics
Taxes, regulations, and practices at an international level.