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Financing Tuition for a Master's Degree in Business

Student Loans

Students loans are the most popular method graduate students use to pay for their tuition. All schools provide some sort of loan options for their graduate students. Most loans require payment following graduation or if a student stops taking courses.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Many graduate students receive financial support (often full support) from their current employers. Sometimes employers require that employees pursue degrees that are related to their jobs. Often times, employers also require that employees remain with the company for a specific period after reimbursement dollars have been disbursed or after the degree is obtained. For instance, an employee may be required to stay with an organization for several years following the receipt of the tuition dollars. However, most employers will allow employees to repay that money for release from their contract.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students that do not have employment can apply for jobs on campus. Some jobs, such as graduate teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships supplement tuition and pay an hourly wage. These are often part-time positions that are flexible around a full-time class schedules.


Graduate-level scholarships are rare. Most foundations and grant providers consider graduate education as 'above and beyond,' therefore; most of the institutions that provide scholarships only do so for individuals pursuing undergraduate-level education.