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Doctoral (PhD) Programs in Management

The study of management encompasses a broad range of areas. There are several concentrations within the field that you can pursue depending on your research interests. You can study organizational behavior, organizational theory, strategy, and industrial organization psychology (which is becoming more closely related to the management of people in the workplace), strategic management, operations management, leadership—just to name a few. Academic Journals in Management Reviewing academic journals and textbooks can help you determine whether you are truly interested in researching and teaching management-related topics. Also, take note of the authors and schools that are producing the most relevant and popular articles. These may be faculty and schools you may consider attending.

Academic Journals in Management

Here are several journals that contain management-related topics:

> Academy of Management Journal
> Academy of Management Perspectives
> Academy of Management Review
> American Behavioral Scientist
> Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences
> Journal of International Management
> Journal of Operations Management
> Management Science
> Organization Science
> Strategic Organization
> Strategic Management Journal