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Business School Rankings

Business School Accreditation and Rankings

Accreditation is the most reliable way to determine a program's quality. It indicates that an institution's programs have met a set of standards for faculty composition, curricula content, instructional resources, intellectual contributions, and a variety of other critical areas. Accreditation may be regional, institutional, discipline specific, or international. Sometimes it is conducted by governments and other times it is managed by private (often nonprofit) entities.

When choosing a business program, it is important to understand accreditation. Every school you speak with will tell you they are "accredited." But the question is, who accredits them? Most high-quality business programs have earned what is a called specialized, professional accreditation that is specific to the discipline being taught—such as business. These specialized accreditations should be recognized internationally, especially if you are a student who does not want to be limited geographically.

Within the field of business, AACSB Accreditation is the most recognized, specialized accreditation worldwide. It covers undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs in business.

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