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  • thank you note after job interview business student

    No Thank-You Note? No Job.

    Editor’s ‘simple rule’ for hiring goes viral, elicits retorts from HR pros, managers, journalists, and job seekers. What is the proper protocol after you've completed an interview? Read More

  • Recent business school graduate successful at first job

    The Big Leap: From Campus to Career

    You've landed your first job, congratulations! How do you smoothly transition from your routine in undergrad to your new professional lifestyle? Read More

  • MBA Student Showing His Great Communication Skills

    Soft Skills Matter

    Upcoming graduates who have learned and developed soft skills have the advantage to position themselves as high performers for prospective employers and long after the job search, strong communication abilities with our soft skills is what advances our careers. Read More

  • Business School Pays Off

    Business School Pays Off

    Get a sneak peek into what your potential career could hold for you once you finish your business school degree with this comprehensive employment and salary trends infographic. Read More

  • ipad portfolio

    How to Build a Portfolio for Your Job Search

    For aspiring business professionals, building a portfolio to showcase your skill set isn't as instinctive as it is for creative industries. Here are a few essential elements to add to your portfolio as you begin your career search. Read More