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What Can You Learn From Top Business Leaders?

Posted September 18, 2019 by Anastasia Sinegaeva - Intern, Social Media and Digital Content - AACSB International

Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate business student, ultimately, your goal is to be successful and effective in today`s challenging business world. Currently, as you may realize, just being a straight-A student does not guarantee success and employment after graduation. Demonstrating value to employers requires development of many additional qualities and skills. One of the greatest opportunities young professionals have is being able to learn from other people—in particular, experienced business leaders and influencers.

AACSB asked four successful business professionals what advice they would give current business students preparing to step into the business world. The leaders shared their own college experiences and thoughts on the important skill sets and habits every prospective and current student should develop.

Ken Languedoc, workforce planning lead at NextEra Energy, emphasized the valuable skill sets he is looking for in students and potential new hires. Kodjo Adovor, founder and CEO of Kevi Capital, shared his thoughts on the importance of global design-thinking, his favorite academic course, and what he found most valuable about studying in a business school. Russ Kliman, global leader at SEI Ventures, talked about the importance of continuous learning and being inquisitive person. Irvin Ashford, senior vice president of external affairs and the national director of financial education for Comerica Bank, gave his views on networking with people from different backgrounds, schools, and professions, and why learning about these other perspectives matters.

Anastasia Sinegaeva is a social media and digital content intern at AACSB International. She is expected to graduate from the University of South Florida's Muma College of Business with a master's in marketing in December 2019.