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Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business School Students

Posted February 01, 2018 by Hannah DeBevoise - Coordinator, Social Media - AACSB International

The uses for mobile apps today seem to have no bounds. Innovations in mobile app technology are enabling people to track their health, get groceries delivered, meditate, manage finances, and make new and old connections all over the world. It’s no wonder that mobile apps can now also help you succeed in school. According to Business Insider, the average hours per day spent online via a mobile device ranges from one hour and 32 minutes in France to four hours and 48 minutes in Brazil. Four hours is one-sixth of a full day!

Spending that much time on a smartphone doesn’t need to be unproductive. Today, students are just as likely, if not more so, to have a tablet or computer in class with them rather than pen and paper. These devices and technologies are now a fundamental part of students’ daily lives and are now often necessary to successfully completing a degree program. Beyond basic software like Microsoft Word and the internet, there are endless beneficial tools for students to take advantage of. Applications, or apps, installed on your smartphone or tablet, can help increase productivity, organize documents, and more.

Here are some must-have free and for-purchase apps for business school students to download:

1.  Microsoft Office Suite

It’s likely that through your business education journey you will be using a Microsoft Office product, whether it is Excel, Outlook, or Word. These software products are easy to access from your laptop or desktop computer, but having to quickly check or edit a file while you’re away from your desk can be bothersome if you only have your phone or tablet on you. Microsoft has all their Office products available as mobile applications for download, allowing you to easily apply edits on the go, knowing that your file will stay in the same format in which you created it on your computer.

Download Microsoft apps from the Apple Store or Google Play.

2.  Quickbooks Accounting

Pursuing a business degree does not mean that you have to be a math expert, but you will confront math while in your program. Designed for small business owners, Quickbooks Accounting can create invoices, manage expenses and cash flow, show profits and losses, and assist in other ways for your financial projects. The app makes finances visual and can help those less mathematically inclined, or even those who are confident with math, stay on top of accounting and finance projects throughout business school.

Download Quickbooks Accounting from the Apple Store or Google Play.

2.  iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

For those who want to move from the traditional paper planner to a more robust, digital calendar and planner, iStudiez Pro is a great option. The planner function is packed with features beyond date and time, including adding instructors with all their related information like office hours and email address. The app also includes a tracking function to manage projects and homework, as well as grades based on assignments, and even differentiates weighted and non-weighted assignments.

Download iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner from the Apple Store or Google Play.

3.  The Decision App

SWOT Analysis, the BCG Model, the Eisenhower Matrix; you’ll probably encounter all of these decision-making models in your management classes. The Decision App is an app that makes drawing your own models or using templates of common strategic models easy. Once you’ve completed your model, the app allows you to easily create a PDF that can be inserted into projects or presentations or sent to classmates for feedback as an editable document. The app is available in 12 international editions, including USA and the U.K., Taiwan, Italy, and more.

Download The Decision App from the Apple Store.

4.  WolframAlpha

Described as “the world’s definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation,” WolframAlpha uses its extensive collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports. With WolframAlpha you can easily work out monetary values by year, find probabilities, and conduct other useful computations. The app covers mathematics such as logic functions and algebra, statistics and data analytics such as regression and statistical distributions, astronomy, life sciences, geography, and much more.

Download WolframAlpha from the Apple Store or Google Play.

5.  Wantedly People

Networking, networking, networking. No doubt you’ve heard about the importance of networking many times since beginning business school, or even before. Wantedly People scans business cards you’ve collected, up to 10 cards at one time, and collects the information into the app so you can neatly collect all the contacts you’re meeting as you attend alumni and other business networking events, without having to keep a bulk of paper business cards.

Download Microsoft apps from the Apple Store or Google Play.

6.  Unstuck

Useful for more than business school applications, Unstuck aims to help you solve problems that are preventing you from moving forward. The app gives Unstuck Advice that starts with assisting users with figuring out why they’re feeling stuck and continuing through the process to spark motivation. Unstuck can help with situations such as lack of motivation to finish a project, procrastination, and even relationship difficulties. Motivation and positivity can always be of help throughout business school.

Download the web application, suitable for all devices.

What’s your favorite or most-used app for business school? Let us know on Twitter: @AACSBschools.