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Flipping the Script: 5 Questions to Ask During a Business School Admissions Interview

Posted September 20, 2017 by Hannah DeBevoise - Coordinator, Social Media - AACSB International

While preparing for your business school admissions interview, you may have searched the web for things like “top questions asked in business school interviews,” or “what do business school admissions interviewers want to hear?” It’s great to be prepared to give your interviewer the perfect answers to their questions, but don’t ignore the chance to spend some of that time to turn the tables and ask questions of your own.

Having a set of questions to bring up toward the end of your interview shows admissions officers that you are truly interested in the institution and that you are invested enough to have done research on the school prior to the interview. Asking an admissions officer questions not only gives you answers that you were looking for, but it also extends the interviewer’s chance to learn more about you, your skill sets, and what kind of student you will be.

Here are five types of questions that will prove you are the kind of student the school wants to enroll while getting the information you need to feel comfortable making a decision on where to pursue your business degree:

1. Ask a question based on something you’ve already learned about the school through individual research.

If there was something you came across while reading a school brochure or browsing the website and you wanted to know more, now is the time to ask. This can range from asking about regular course loads to class-specific inquiries. A question like, “I saw the finance degree has a special program that allows for hands-on learning about investments. Could you tell me more about that?” indicates that you spent time learning what the school has to offer outside of basic degree granting.

2. Ask a question that seeks the admissions officer’s opinion about the school or program.

Ask your interviewer what they believe is the school’s greatest asset or what they think is the most valuable course in your desired degree program. You’ve been telling the school all the best things about you, and now you can find out candidly what someone close to the school (who isn’t in marketing and in charge of selling you on the institution) really thinks. Then, ask them what the school’s biggest limitation is. Just as you’ve had to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses, asking this question shows you are perceptive and understanding that choosing a business school is about the best fit and not the perfect program.

3. Ask a question on how the school supports students, during their college career and preparing for post-graduation.

Inquiring about what the university does to assist students with their academic pursuits while studying as well as how they help prepare students for post-grad life demonstrates that you are thinking beyond the years of your intended program. Being invested in your future gives admissions officers insight that you will be a student who is focused on performing well, and an alum they can boast about.

4. Ask a question about the institution outside of the business school.

While business schools are looking for students who have a passion for the industry, they also want individuals who will contribute to a well-rounded community. This doesn’t mean you need to be a member of 15 different organizations. Instead, inquire about getting involved with a group or project that draws on something you’re truly passionate about. Business schools want students who are interested in making a positive impact on the university community or the larger society it serves.

5. Ask the admissions officer what advice they would give you as an incoming student.

Admissions officers do more than decide who gets accepted and who doesn’t; they’re also mentors. Asking them for advice as an incoming student will give your interviewer the opportunity to tell you anything and everything that wasn’t covered in your other questions. The advice the admissions officer gives you can be a great roadmap to navigating your first year as a business student.

Entering your business school admissions interview with prepared questions will give you the confidence you need to excel in your interview. When you flip the script and ask your own questions, it shows admissions officers that you are a knowledgeable individual who is ready to make a well-informed decision and gets you one step closer to beginning your business education.