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Naval Postgraduate School, Graduate School of Business and Public Policy

The Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School aims to serve our nation by educating U.S. and allied military officers as well as defense civilians in defense-focused business and public policy, by conducting research in defense management and public policy and by providing intellectual resources for leaders and organizations concerned with defense business management practices and policies. We pursue our vision and perform our mission through graduate education, research, and professional service. The integrated civilian and military faculty of the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy have a clear focus on defense organizations, system applications, and instruction supported by extensive defense-oriented research. As the leading graduate-level business school offering degree programs uniquely tailored to the defense community, the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy provides high-quality management education to a new generation of military and civilian leadership. Working closely with sponsors, we offer a customized curriculum that provides students with the education and skills necessary for managing all aspects of the business side of national defense.


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