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Morehead State University, College of Business

The College of Business and Technology includes the School of Business Administration, the School of Public Management and Government, and the School of Engineering and Information Systems. Programs in the College of Business and Technology offer a broad choice of quality academic programs and opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Through our network of centers and institutes, as well as faculty and student research, the college actively engages with a wide variety of regional initiatives that enrich the learning environment while contributing to the community. The mission of the College of Business and Technology is to prepare students for successful careers and enriched lives in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors; conduct and support basic, applied and pedagogical research; and utilize its resources to improve the quality of life in the eastern Kentucky region.  


  • Econ/ Managerial Economics
  • General Bus
  • CIS/ MIS
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship/ Small Bus Admin
  • Accounting


  • Private

  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

  • Online

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