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Georgia Regents University, James M. Hull College of Business

The James M. Hull College of Business offers Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in accounting, finance, management, management information systems, and marketing; a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science; and the Master of Business Administration degree. The James M. Hull College of Business schedules required and most elective courses to allow students to earn their undergraduate degrees by attending classes during either day or evening hours. The college maintains high-quality programs while meeting the educational needs of its current and potential student body. The mission of the James M. Hull College of Business is to provide a high-quality, personalized education to prepare students for career success. We strive to prepare students to excel in their fields of study and become leaders in the business world. The faculty contribute to the development of their disciplines and future success through teaching, research, and outreach. The programs are highly desirable as measured by national rankings and they develop graduates that are highly recruited.


  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • CIS/ MIS
  • General Bus


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  • Public


  • Full-time

  • Part-time

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