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ESCEM School of Business and Management (Tours-Poitiers)

ESCEM School of Management is a French Grande Ecole of Business and Management; it has three main campuses in the central western region of France: Orléans, Tours, and Poitiers. French-taught programs are offered in Tours and Orléans whereas the Poitiers international campus continues to offer courses and programs entirely in English. ESCEM promotes excellence in innovation, entrepreneurship and responsible business. Our project-based pedagogy allows students to grasp technical know-how and immediately apply it to the projects that they undertake. The learning experience at ESCEM will put students into real business situations, push them to explore the new ways of learning, and encourage independent thinking. By weaving our teaching and mission around strong values of commitment, integrity, curiosity and humility, we hope to shape our graduates into managers who will contribute to changing the world by thinking outside the box. Our programs, accessible to people of all ages, will enable you to share a different vision of management with our 17,000 graduates, 2,200 students, 65 full-time faculty members, and 400 partner firms. ESCEM is recognized internationally as a top management school, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and tools enabling students to become high level managers.


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